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4 Things to Do to Spring Clean Your Vehicle

From your the salt and snow that gets on and in your vehicle to how the cold affects the inner workings, winter is just plain tough on your vehicle. Now that Spring has sprung, take some time to give your vehicle a little deeper clean to get it ready for warmer weather and road trip

8th Annual Art Contest Begins

Ulmer’s Auto Care is excited to kick-off our 8th annual Art Contest! This year, we’re asking students to draw their dream car. Is it a Lamborghini? The Batmobile? Maybe it’s a Chevy Silverado, a VW Bug, or perhaps just that really cool black and red mountain bike – or a car all their own! Every

Charging Dead Battery

Taking Care of Your Vehicle’s Battery in the Winter

It’s no secret that it gets cold here in Cincinnati, and your vehicle can get the brunt of it. While you’re bundling yourself up in coats, hats and scarves, it’s important to make sure you’re remembering to take care of your vehicle! A common problem people experience in the winter is a vehicle not starting

Oil Change

5 Car Maintenance Mistakes You May Be Making

Your vehicle is a big investment and requires a lot of things to perform optimally. Preventative car maintenance may seem like a pain sometimes, but it can often save you a lot of money in the long run. Here’s our list of 5 maintenance mistakes you may be making that can cost you a lot

Announcing 4th Annual Women’s Car Care Clinic!

Ulmer’s Auto Care is excited to host our annual Women’s Car Care Clinic! Female drivers of all ages are welcome to attend! Whether you’re a new driver, or an experienced one who wants to know more about proper maintenance for your vehicle, this is the event for you. Space is limited so sign up today!