Transmission Repairs in Anderson, OH

Your Transmission Service Experts

Transmission problems can be quite the hassle. At Ulmer’s in Cincinnati, OH we try to take the stress out of transmission repair. Our ASE Certified technicians will do an extensive computer diagnostic test to determine the problem prior to removing the transmission. We will give you an honest opinion on what repairs need to be done before any repairs are made. Some shops may quote you for work that is more extensive than you may need, do not let them take advantage. Bring your car into Ulmer’s Auto Care Center for complete transmission service done the right way, the first time. Whether you need a simple repair or a complete transmission rebuild, you can trust your repair to the dedicated mechanics at Ulmer’s. We also guarantee our services with a hassle-free 36 month/36,000 mile warranty on all of our parts and procedures!

Warning Signs you need transmission repair or service

  • Fluid Leaks
  • Warning Lights Activated
  • Lack of response
  • Dragging Clutch
  • Grinding or Shaking
  • Delay in movement
  • Noisy or clunky shifting
  • Gears Slipping
  • Check Engine Light
  • Whining or Humming Sounds

Automatic Transmission Repair

Our Technicians are specifically trained to handle any and all automatic transmission repairs. Automatic transmissions are more complex than manual and the most common problems that arise are electrical or computer related. Because of this, many mechanics are not properly equipped to handle such complicated issues. That is not the case at Ulmer’s; our techs are armed with the latest diagnostic equipment, hardware, and tools to take on any automatic transmission repair.

Manual Transmission Service

On average manual transmission repair is less complicated than an automatic. Manual transmissions are a much simpler in design and have fewer parts and components that can fail and cause problems. The most common problems with a manual are normally not attributed to the transmission but to the clutch. Some people have what is considered or known as a “heavy clutch foot” and quite simply wear out the clutch or the clutch plate assembly prematurely from improper use or overuse of the clutch.

Convenience with exceptional Customer Service

We understand there are many shops to choose from when it comes to getting your transmission repaired or serviced. To help make the process a little easier we have free loaner vehicles available for use as well as free car pick up and delivery service to ensure that your daily routine is not interrupted while your automobile is being repaired. We also have free local shuttle service available, if you prefer.