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Ulmer’s Auto Care is proud to announce the “Ulmer’s Auto Care Scholarship in memory of Daniel and Ronald Wierwille” to assist first-year automotive students take their first step in their careers.

dan wierwille ron wierwilleDan and Ron Wierwille were brothers and two of the best employees that any business could ever hope to have the joy to work with. Their positive attitudes and giving spirit were contagious in the shop. They were always ready and willing to lend a helping hand not only to fellow employees but to our customers alike. The Ulmer’s Auto Care family lost these two very special employees within a short period of time.

This year we partnered with Cincinnati State to offer this scholarship in honor of these stellar employees. The goal of this scholarship is to bring awareness to youth interested in entering the automotive industry as a career.

This scholarship will be awarded to at least one student each year to attend their first year of the Automotive Program at Cincinnati State. This scholarship is renewable for a second year, upon meeting a minimum GPA requirement.

The first recipient of this scholarship for the 2020/2021 school year was awarded to Octavie Fonou.

“ I’m very excited to receive this scholarship! This opportunity will keep me encouraged in my studies.” Said Fonou

We know that Daniel and Ron would be proud.

For more information about this scholarship visit cincinnatistate.edu

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