Ulmers Auto Care


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christopher g.
Christopher G.
22:37 31 Mar 23
Nice place, they kept me up to date on my transmission and what was wrong with it.
tami and andy w.
tami and andy W.
17:49 31 Mar 23
It's nice to have a reputable car repair place in our neighborhood.
erik w.
Erik W.
01:18 31 Mar 23
Trustworthy w competitive prices!! Shuttle service is a major added bonus as well!
steven c.
Steven C.
16:09 30 Mar 23
Quick and efficient as always
chuck l.
Chuck L.
14:09 30 Mar 23
Excellent service. Provides shuttle service to and from your home. Provides photos online of potential issues.
bb b.
20:56 28 Mar 23
Had my car in for maintenance and oil change. Everyone was very courteous and professional. Went through inspection with me and shared possible later maintenance needs. Great experience
rob m.
Rob M.
20:27 28 Mar 23
No nonsense. No BS. Friendly and efficient. I’ll be back!
16:07 28 Mar 23
Nice facility, clean, friendly and helpful
frank r.
Frank R.
00:02 28 Mar 23
After my Check Engine light came on I became alarmed and took my car to Ulmer's Auto Care in Milford, Ohio hoping to learn the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, it turned out that my car had more than one.Doug advised me that he needed to order some parts - something which delayed getting my 1994 E 320 Mercedes Benz back as quickly as I hoped. It was my first experience with what turned out to be a supply chain problem.Since I picked up my car it has been a "smooth ride." After driving my low mileage car in local traffic as well as on I-71 and I-275 for the past week I'm happy to say I once again feel safe.With establishing a long term relationship in mind, I plan on taking my car back to Ulmer's.BTW, I really liked the fact that Ulmer's has a "Vehicle Page" - something which allowed me to learn the progress being made on repairing my car without my having to make a phone call. While I haven't experienced this kind of tracking mechanism in the past, it's an amenity which I think speaks volumes about Ulmer's customer care mentality.
linda m.
Linda M.
17:16 27 Mar 23
My own experience was wonderful no problems everybody was honest about what needs to be done to my car quote me prices that's what it was always wanted you know they would tell me what was wrong with it I'm very happy and of course I wouldn't tell my friends and family I appreciate you guys very much thank you Linda
tim s.
Tim S.
16:15 27 Mar 23
Brought in for oil & fluid change. Mentioned broken dipstick. Turned out they had already worked on it. They kept it until a tech could find the right part at a junkyard since the dealer no longer stocked the part. They charged me nothing for that repair. I couldn't be happier, that is real service and honesty!
megan r.
Megan R.
16:13 26 Mar 23
This place is amazing! I go to the one in Southgate and that crew does great work in a timely manner. They are honest and good people
erica j.
Erica J.
15:51 24 Mar 23
I had a leak that caused my battery and alternator to go bad. It also made my serpentine belt slip off. Ulmers took really good care of my car they were very efficient and it was done in a timely manor. The staff was very nice as well. I've found my auto shop for all my car needs.Thank you guys for taking good care of my car. I highly recommend them for all your car needs!
ronald s.
Ronald S.
18:50 23 Mar 23
no problems
dennis h.
Dennis H.
17:30 23 Mar 23
Staff are professional and responsible. Repairs are performed in the time and price quoted. Once you experience the quality of repairs you will want all your vehicles maintained here.
lindsay h.
Lindsay H.
16:13 23 Mar 23
Ulmers is fantastic. Team is personable, professional and very trustworthy. Thrilled to have them nearby.
shirley k.
Shirley K.
16:09 22 Mar 23
Great service! Reliable
robby c.
Robby C.
17:51 21 Mar 23
Got oil change
c h
17:03 21 Mar 23
Ulmer's is full of great people who stand by their work! I appreciate their always going above and beyond in many ways to get us and our cars back on the road! Tina H
mike k.
Mike K.
13:56 20 Mar 23
It was a great experience. They gave me a fair rate, and I will definitely use them again
jim c.
Jim C.
12:07 20 Mar 23
Totally awesome!
sarah w.
Sarah W.
21:43 17 Mar 23
They’re soooo trustworthy. I thought there was something wrong with my vehicle but it was just that my connection to my battery was a little loose. They didn’t try to sell me any parts or maintenance. Extremely honest establishment and I truly appreciate it. Thank you!
dave s.
Dave S.
16:28 17 Mar 23
Office staff are extremely friendly and courteous providing great service with a customer centric professional experience.I have been going to Ulmers for over 15 years and they continue to exceed expectations!
theresa b.
Theresa B.
17:35 16 Mar 23
As always, Ulmers to the rescue! Thanks guys.
wayne c.
Wayne C.
17:12 16 Mar 23
Always great service! Wouldn’t go any where else. These guys are the best.
jerry e.
Jerry E.
16:24 16 Mar 23
I have been going to Ulmers since I moved to Cincinnati in 2001 and have not found better or more qualified service anywhere. The people at Ulmers are always friendly and stand ready to meet any of my needs. They are prompt when servicing my vehicle and do not leave you standing around waiting forever. As aside I own a Corvette and Ulmers is the place I have it serviced due to my confidence in their ability to see that all things are taken care of properly on it.
shannon s.
Shannon S.
16:13 15 Mar 23
Courteous, professional, and informative. Explained everything to me in a way I could understand.
16:10 15 Mar 23
As always, a great experience with knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff!
mark p.
Mark P.
13:05 15 Mar 23
Ulmers has taken vg care of my car for 30 years...actually more then that when you consider I had relocated for 11 years; then returned to Cincinnati. YES, I'm 65 and Greg and crew have taken good care of my cars since the late 1970s!
elizabeth r.
Elizabeth R.
20:59 14 Mar 23
This is by far the best Auto Care shop in town. The guys are fast, thorough, and friendly. I stopped in today on my way home from work just to ask a question about my tire pressure being a tad low. The parking lot was packed and waiting room full-the employees were running in and out helping people. I asked my question and they offered to put air in my tires right there on the spot. Amazing service. Would give 10 stars if I could. My parents and siblings have also brought their vehicles here for service for several years now and between the six of us we have never had a bad experience. Ever. I trust them to tell it to me straight and get all jobs done quickly for a super fair price. Keep it up Ulmers!
dan w.
Dan W.
16:13 14 Mar 23
Excellent service!
diane p.
Diane P.
16:10 14 Mar 23
Always honest and trustworthy.
patricia lee p.
Patricia Lee P.
18:50 13 Mar 23
My whole extended family has been going to Ulmers in Mt. Washington for years. The guys in the office know us by name and are ALWAYS super friendly, upbeat and positive. We have the utmost confidence and trust in their service and charges. (Appreciate their shuttle service, too.) There's no place better.
calvin l.
Calvin L.
17:26 13 Mar 23
Always great service!
robbin l.
Robbin L.
00:45 10 Mar 23
Ulmer’s is fantastic and I highly recommend them for your car care needs!!!
barbara d.
Barbara D.
23:42 07 Mar 23
I had called my dealership and they couldn't get me in for 5 weeks for a strange noise. I was able to make an appointment with Ulmer's and the repair was completed within a day. Now I feel a lot safer driving my car.
heather h.
Heather H.
17:25 07 Mar 23
Ulmer's is truly the best auto care shop around! I won't go anywhere else. There has been a scheduling issue a couple of times, but they always took care of me anyway. Customer service is top notch and they won't try to upsell or make you repair things you don't need!Highly recommend!!
william w.
William W.
20:24 06 Mar 23
Excellent all the way!
17:58 05 Mar 23
I feel like the team at Ulmer’s is like family. Every time I call, I feel like they know exactly who I am. They are trustworthy and do everything right the first time.
venita m.
Venita M.
17:27 05 Mar 23
They go above and beyond customer service. I would highly recommend this place if your vehicle needs service.
thomas p.
Thomas P.
02:21 03 Mar 23
I've used Ulmers for several years and on several different cars. The wait time or scheduling may take a while, but thus far the work has been top notch.
david m.
David M.
17:21 01 Mar 23
Great place to service my car!
deb g.
Deb G.
17:14 01 Mar 23
I made an appointment for an oil change and upon inspection they found some problems. Of course that is never happy news.....but they fixed the problems, and after having bad weather and ice, they even were so accommodating and brought my car to me. Now that is excellent service. I do appreciate all your service. Thanks!
lindsey l.
Lindsey L.
17:09 01 Mar 23
Ulmer’s is the absolute best!!! Fantastic work & customer service. Steve and his team at the Anderson location are wonderful! They treat you like family and always go above and beyond every single time. Our family will always take our cars to Ulmer’s!
amy o.
Amy O.
17:07 01 Mar 23
As a longtime customer, I’ve found that it is worth the extra drive, since moving away from Anderson, to return to take my car to a mechanic I trust.
cindy s.
Cindy S.
15:44 01 Mar 23
Radiator replaced. Excellent replacement service and customer service as well! Replacement done in a timely manner as well. I highly recommend.!
greg h.
Greg H.
00:14 01 Mar 23
Injectors were replaced after code verification
arlynn h.
arlynn H.
17:01 27 Feb 23
Love these guys...
kevin c.
Kevin C.
17:23 23 Feb 23
Very reasonable and knowledgeable. My truck was finished in two days, so they let me use a loaner car. I would definitely recommend their service. Also very nice people!
pam f.
Pam F.
17:10 23 Feb 23
Always helpful and friendly. I have never had an issue and I have been taking my car there for a couple of years!
mica r
Mica R
20:51 22 Feb 23
Could not love these guys more. When I first moved here I asked my friend where her dad went because I KNOW dads know what’s up when it comes to auto care.. Best recommendation ever ! Love it here and would recommend to anyone and everyone. Staff is kind, communicative, understanding and moreover knowledgeable. Couldn’t ask for a more flawless team. Thanks y’all I will always take my sad cars here because they leave happy and so do I haha.
dale p.
Dale P.
20:45 22 Feb 23
Nice people.. great service..will use again.. will tell friends
john p.
John P.
18:02 22 Feb 23
Like always, Ulmers delivers what they say and on time. Plus it was a 2 day repair and it was really helpful to have a loaner car.
scott l.
Scott L.
17:10 22 Feb 23
Repaired calipers, etc.
don e.
Don E.
11:30 22 Feb 23
My first time there I was very pleased with the service I received. Ulmer's does business the old fashion way where the customer is still important.
melissa s.
Melissa S.
19:45 21 Feb 23
Amazing customer service and spot on auto care. They advocated for me and bent over backwards to properly repair a botched Coolant leak done by Pep Boys.
cj m
18:20 21 Feb 23
Tire repair
anton n.
Anton N.
01:59 21 Feb 23
Very professional and knowledgeable.
karen l.
Karen L.
23:06 19 Feb 23
We had our 1999 Dodge Ram towed to Ulmers because the brake pedal was going to the floor. We also had them look at the engine, and four wheel drive transfer case. They were very detailed and took many pictures of the things that needed repaired. In the end they were able to fix everything for a reasonable amount of money and they stand behind the work they do with a 4 year 50,000 mile warranty. This is the second vehicle we have had them service and will be returning for years to come.
21:53 19 Feb 23
Excellent visit, the old girl is ready to go for another 30000 miles till the next service interval
alex g.
Alex G.
17:03 19 Feb 23
I have vises Ulmers as my regular oil change shop for years! They are reliable and honest with their work. If anything is close to being due for maintenance or a tube up, they always let you know up front and ask prior to doing work. Thank you Ulmers and team for making me return for all of these years.
regis n.
Regis N.
21:39 16 Feb 23
Efficient and timely. Recommend highly.
jill w.
Jill W.
18:24 16 Feb 23
We have used Ulmers consistently for years. They are extremely trust worthing and always answer all of my questions in a way I understand. Highly highly recommend them.
patty d.
Patty D.
17:06 16 Feb 23
First time bringing my car to Ulmers’s. The customer service was excellent and service completed inn exceptional time. Our family will absolutely be bringing our cars here in the future!
sharon b.
Sharon B.
17:02 16 Feb 23
It was our first time with Ulmer’s and it did not disappoint! Kept us in the loop and discussed repairs before fixing. We like that
larry s.
Larry S.
14:18 16 Feb 23
Excellent advice and service for my card with the bumper to bumper service and test drive with clarity and assurance of the safety and reliability for my car! Thanks!
joel l.
Joel L.
17:48 15 Feb 23
Service was fine. Disappointed about $80 in add-on fees not applicable to services being performed.
patrick s.
Patrick S.
17:09 15 Feb 23
Had tire leak. They found a nail in my sidewall. Unfortunately that meant I needed a new tire. They found one quickly and installed it. I would use Ulmer’s again.
grace h.
Grace H.
01:36 15 Feb 23
my catalytic converter was stolen and they got me in the day of and got it fixed so quickly. very friendly and helpful, i highly recommend this business
michael g.
Michael G.
01:07 15 Feb 23
Great customer service...honest assessments about maintenance needs, fair prices. What's not to like!!! I recommend them for all vehicles.
linda d.
Linda D.
17:41 14 Feb 23
They’re great!
james r.
James R.
17:13 14 Feb 23
In addition to above I had a Bumper-bumper service done and all went well.
chad r.
Chad R.
17:07 14 Feb 23
Honest, trustworthy service and good pricing. Can’t beat them
molly s.
Molly S.
17:07 14 Feb 23
Very happy with my oil change experience! Employees were all very kind and got it done quickly.
david m.
David M.
18:09 11 Feb 23
Excellent customer service and repair. I could not be more pleased with my experience. Very fast turnaround. Thank you all very much!
jenny j.
Jenny J.
13:20 11 Feb 23
I couldn't be more pleased with the service at Ulmers. I completely trust their work.
mike d.
Mike D.
21:45 09 Feb 23
Cody and crew have the 97 Olds humming. Top notch work done by all. Thanks Mike D
scott r.
Scott R.
19:04 09 Feb 23
These guys are great.Reasonable prices and the job gets done.
dan b.
Dan B.
17:31 09 Feb 23
Top notch work. I worked on Mercedes for 30 years, but the body's worn out. So I appreciate their professionalism.
charlotte t.
Charlotte T.
17:19 09 Feb 23
Excellent service for a fair price.
megan l.
Megan L.
17:14 09 Feb 23
Courteous, professional, communicative, prompt, flexible. Very friendly staff who go above and beyond.
roy s.
Roy S.
17:04 09 Feb 23
Service was excellent as always. No one else works on my vehicles!
robert h.
Robert H.
17:06 08 Feb 23
Diesel truck repair - excellent service
christopher w.
Christopher W.
17:06 08 Feb 23
Quick, reasonable and professional. Local family owned business. Just the way I like it. I myself am small and local.
dennis l.
Dennis L.
17:05 08 Feb 23
No problems after repair.
dustin l.
Dustin L.
17:05 08 Feb 23
Amazing knowledge and incredible customer service. Communicate throughout the process and bend over backwards to ensure you’re taken care of properly. An auto service you can trust.
joel l.
Joel L.
18:17 07 Feb 23
The guy's at ulmers always do a great job. They are thorough and professional.
james t.
James T.
17:03 07 Feb 23
jenny ooten c.
Jenny Ooten C.
23:51 06 Feb 23
Excellent service by qualified and honest service advisors and technicians. In addition, ULMER's stands by their work!
brett p.
Brett P.
17:04 06 Feb 23
Reliable, friendly and good service.
steve w.
Steve W.
18:46 05 Feb 23
The repairs were properly done. They have a very good warranty. A thorough inspection of the whole car was completed. They listed additional things that will need to be repaired in the future. I received a follow up call to make sure there was no problem with their work. It is a very professional business.
tammy n.
Tammy N.
15:07 04 Feb 23
After leaving my dealership maintaince team of many years i was in search for another Auto Care Team. I could never get in without a 2 hour or more wait time, for just an oil change. I took a chance with Ulmers and have been blown away....in a great way. I made an appointment to get my back brakes replaced...I was told they needed replaced by my previous dealership maintain team. I was called and told that I didn't need brakes for awhile yet. ‍. So that saved me a big cost. Last week my car indicated I had a low tire. I stopped by and they checked my air and filled up my tire and checked all the others. With no appointment. They told me to come back if anything else happened and they would take care of me. Well yesterday it happened again. They fixed me up and called to update me along the way. Every time they have offered to drive me and pick me up. No one does that anymore. Once again adding to this sweet small town community that I love. I am a long term resident of Deer Park. Here we have a small town feel while surrounded by everything. Ulmers has added to that small town community presents. I will continue to take my business to these gentlemen. A group you can trust!!! Thanks guys.....
jessica w.
Jessica W.
14:31 04 Feb 23
Always a pleasure to deal with. These guys go above and beyond. If you’re looking for an honest shop who also do great work, go no further than this one!
betty s.
Betty S.
23:56 03 Feb 23
Excellent Services, Great People!! Back on the RIMS and rolling n no time at all.....Definitely a 5-Star Company!!!
steve c.
Steve C.
17:29 01 Feb 23
I had my daughter bring her vehicle to Ulmer’s after receiving an inspection report from another garage to get a second opinion.As it turns out, the other garage’s diagnosis was incorrect, and Ulmer’s nailed it.We got the problem fixed and at a very reasonable price.I use Ulmer’s for our company vehicles, our personal vehicles, and have always received top-notch service.The communication is awesome and their commitment from to quality repairs are unmatched and they are the garage that I trust 100%.Steve
nancy h.
Nancy H.
17:26 01 Feb 23
I came out of the Krogers in Milford and my car would not start. (I tried a jump and with a battery charger) The battery died after 90000 miles. The next day I asked ulmers about it . They saved me a tow by using their more powerful charger , put a new battery in and performed the other maintenance that I knew was due ( brakes, transmission and heating and coolant checks) and it was finished that day with dollar amount they quoted. If I had wanted they would have delivered to my workplace here in Milford.I trust these guys with my car for everything.
shannon g.
Shannon G.
17:08 31 Jan 23
I regularly have my vehicle serviced at Ulmers Auto Care in Southgate. The entire staff is warm, professional, knowledgeable, and competent. The prices are competitive and affordable. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my vehicle care!! I definitely recommend!!!
matt v.
Matt V.
17:03 31 Jan 23
Good customer service and work
eileen s.
Eileen S.
20:39 30 Jan 23
I have been using Ulmers since I was old enough to drive ..... Wouldn't go anywhere else!!!!
renee m.
Renee M.
19:04 29 Jan 23
Ulmer's is always professional and a pleasure to do business with. I have entrusted them with care of my cars for many years.
sarah f.
sarah F.
20:14 27 Jan 23
Great first experience at Ulmer’s! From my initial phone call to getting my car quickly worked on, service was friendly, informative and efficient! Thank you!
mary ann k.
Mary Ann K.
14:40 27 Jan 23
Very friendly and knowledgeable.
lou k.
Lou K.
09:54 27 Jan 23
I've used them exclusively for all my car service and repairs for nearly 20 years.
harry gray i.
Harry Gray I.
19:13 26 Jan 23
Had an alternator and starter replaced. Brandon my service advisor was very helpful keeping me up to date on progress and my truck ran like new when I got it back. Highly recommend Ulmers for car repair services!
fran r.
Fran R.
17:08 26 Jan 23
Great service, professional and friendly office staff
thomas r.
Thomas R.
14:15 26 Jan 23
Ulmer’s Autocare did a fantastic job for a reasonable price. Excellent customer service.if you have any car problems I recommend them over any other place I have been.
sean p.
Sean P.
04:07 26 Jan 23
Good honest auto repair place. Make it easy with shuttle service after dropping off your car. Great pricing too.
brindle o.
Brindle O.
17:22 25 Jan 23
These gentlemen were amazing, they took care of me and were so kind and understanding with a great warranty
connie n.
Connie N.
21:29 23 Jan 23
I have had great service at Ulmers in DeerPark! Staff is friendly and offered me a ride home after dropping off vehicle. My repair was reasonably priced and done to my satisfaction.
michael b.
Michael B.
17:47 23 Jan 23
Always consistent with good customer service, timely repair and identifying the accurate total cost. A place you can trust.
william w.
William W.
21:44 22 Jan 23
Brindle, Manager of Ulmer’s Northern Kentucky, diagnosed my 2000 Grand Jeep Cherokee with a failed right side CV joint and two failed rear joints. My Jeep would not engage in two wheel drive and barely functioned in two wheel drive. This car has an excellent body and interior, the engine and transmission are in great condition.Brindle also noticed that the power steering pump is leaking, and the car should have replacement power steering hoses, too. With new catalytic converters the car should be like new again! Ulmer’s have great integrity, from Greg and Bryan, through all Service Managers, Service Writers, Technicians, and Staff. They will help you prioritize repairs based on safety, and use high quality repair parts, and expert technical repair!We have trusted Ulmer’s with all car repairs over the last twenty five years!
can't t.
Can't T.
20:28 19 Jan 23
Ulmer's employees are always courteous and the workmanship first rate.
chris f.
Chris F.
17:39 19 Jan 23
I appreciated the detailed text they sent with pictures of the issue that needed to be fixed on my truck.
17:09 19 Jan 23
I will always go to Ulmer’s because of the quick service, accommodation, and transparency. These guys have always given their all and beyond the extra mile multiple times. I recently had an insurance incident and they worked with the insurance company to get my vehicle back in service quickly and without money from my pocket (personal experience and may not be the result for every situation). Thanks Ulmer’s!
juan v.
Juan V.
17:06 19 Jan 23
Very accommodating, solid prices, and great work.
michael w.
michael W.
21:51 18 Jan 23
Went in for a scheduled oil change and received feedback that my tires needed attention/replacement soon. Very quickly ordered the proper tires and had them installed within days. Very professional, very friendly. Similar experience with the Ulmer’s shop in Milford. Lucky to have them right down the street.
sue l.
Sue L.
18:39 17 Jan 23
I have been taking my cars there for years. Never been disappointed in their service.
debbie d.
Debbie D.
17:09 17 Jan 23
A little pricey but very accommodating and friendly.
dj michael vincent a.
DJ Michael Vincent A.
17:08 17 Jan 23
They have a great service there. All the staff were very accommodating, friendly and were honest enough to talk to me about the problems with my unit and how serious it was. They gave me a drive home and back to the shop while my car was fixed up. They have a very reasonable price for their service. I would definitely recommend this shop.
patricia m.
Patricia M.
17:05 17 Jan 23
They always do a great job. Very professional.
katarzyna h.
Katarzyna H.
17:02 15 Jan 23
Amazing service, as always!
gary l.
Gary L.
21:13 14 Jan 23
Great place for repairs. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They stand behind their work. They are honest and get the job done right. Not the place if you want it done cheap, but the place if you want it done right. I'm not taking my car or truck any place else.
dave d.
Dave D.
22:25 12 Jan 23
I am happy with the work they did, and with the price they charged. They did very good work and charged less than the dealer. I will more than likely use them again in the future.
kierin f.
Kierin F.
17:48 12 Jan 23
The service managers as well as the service technicans are efficient, honest , and very very kind to their customers. For us, no problem is too large for them to resolve. As a retiree, you look for quality for your money and Ulmers Deer Park are highly recommended.
samuel s.
Samuel S.
17:48 12 Jan 23
I had a wonderful experience with Ulmer’s auto care. They quickly diagnosed the issue, even after the computer scanner on my car was malfunctioning. They replaced the hybrid battery on my car within 3 days of figuring out the issue, and also did a thorough review of maintenance due for my car, without being pushy about needing to do more. Overall I was extremely satisfied with my experience and will be taking my car here for maintenance and repairs in the future.
john p.
John P.
15:07 12 Jan 23
Ulmers went above and beyond on customer service. The service I received made the vehicle trouble tolerable.
patti s.
Patti S.
13:17 12 Jan 23
They have serviced our cars for years ... and we'll keep coming back!
alan s.
Alan S.
01:28 12 Jan 23
Had a good experience, very helpful! Will be back for other vehicles related issues/maintenances.
mike r.
Mike R.
18:13 11 Jan 23
Good quality work at a fair price.

Dave and Max were great to work with.
holly b.
Holly B.
17:49 11 Jan 23
They were amazing! Super helpful and informative. Let me know if some fixes that I might anticipate in the future without any pressure to get them fixed today.
kyle m.
Kyle M.
17:06 11 Jan 23
Ulmer's is reliable, up front with all costs, efficient and super friendly to work with. They've been helping us with keeping our cars tip top for years.
david y.
David Y.
16:29 11 Jan 23
Installed a starter in our 2015 Kia Optima.
christine n.
Christine N.
17:34 10 Jan 23
better than others I guess
robyn w.
Robyn W.
22:27 09 Jan 23
Great service
carol t.
Carol T.
20:44 06 Jan 23
Ulmer's is always professional and very conservative with timing of repairs needed. Recently, the holiday morning we were driving out of town, our car was dead in the driveway. We called Ulmer's the next day about our dilemma from out of town and they came to check out the car in our driveway, took it back to the shop and delivered it. It was ready to go in our driveway when we returned! Always so happy with their service!
melissa p.
Melissa P.
17:45 05 Jan 23
Quality work at a reasonable price and good turnaround time
semele f.
semele F.
17:17 05 Jan 23
I trust Almours experience and their professionalism and honesty
debbie f.
Debbie F.
17:12 05 Jan 23
It was great
ian s.
Ian S.
17:05 05 Jan 23
very nice to work with and very helpful
randy a.
Randy A.
17:13 04 Jan 23
Great price (with mailer coupon) for all synthetic oil change. Everyone was nice and they even gave me a ride home after dropping off my vehicle. Definitely recommend!
daniel c.
Daniel C.
17:11 04 Jan 23
4Runner was serviced and returned on the second day. Was very satisfied with the repairs!
beth s.
Beth S.
00:58 04 Jan 23
Was taken home and picked up to get my car. Work was completed and my issues resolved. Everyone pleasant and patient. Will go back if l need anything else done.
jolene e.
Jolene E.
21:11 03 Jan 23
This has been a best find. From finding a fix for the 2006 Honda with a computer board problem, to servicing the 2019 truck they have been great! Good communication, great prices, great work and they back it all up. Highly recommend.
corey s.
Corey S.
19:00 03 Jan 23
Extremely professional
jas c.
Jas C.
17:15 03 Jan 23
Fast efficient service. Good communication. Plus, extra effort to replace flawed but not very old tire. Absolutely recommend them.
bud b.
Bud B.
23:09 30 Dec 22
They are the greatest
kevin o.
Kevin O.
17:30 29 Dec 22
Class A. Always.
patricia d.
patricia D.
17:09 28 Dec 22
Took car in for check engine light and while I wish the fix had been cheaper (not Ulmers fault) I always trust Ulmer’s to be fair in price and professional in repairs and maintenance. We’ve been taking our aging cars here as long as Ulmers has been in Milford and plan to continue to do so.
brent w.
Brent W.
17:05 28 Dec 22
Ulmer's stands behind their work. I brought my vehicle in for an engine light. They fixed a problem, but the light came back on when I got it home, and it didn't have power steering. They paid to have the car towed back to the shop and fixed the other problem at no charge. Great customer service!
bc is irish (bc i.
BC is Irish (BC I.
17:05 28 Dec 22
Great job getting my vehicle ready for the cold. Alex, Jason and Doug are the best.
jake n.
Jake N.
17:08 27 Dec 22
Excellent place with great customer service. We live right around the corner and trust them regularly for all our car needs. 10/10 would recommend. Max and Dave are very helpful.
tammy b.
Tammy B.
16:22 27 Dec 22
Ulmers always gives top notch service. They are very professional and have competitive prices on the services they provide. They are like your neighborhood mechanic you feel you can trust and know the maintenance of your car is in good hands.
l a c.
L A C.
17:54 26 Dec 22
We had to have my daughter’s car towed for a dead battery. Steve and team took great care of us and thoroughly inspected to make sure there were no other issues.
molly g.
Molly G.
16:35 23 Dec 22
Best auto service I have used EVER! They have an online service for reviewing and approving/declining service requests based on your cars needs and for paying your invoice. No surprise pricing as you see exactly how much every individual repair job will cost as you approve and decline the jobs. All the services I had done were reasonably priced. Customer service is phenomenal and the shuttle service makes getting repairs done way less of a hassle. 10/10 would recommend.
a l.
A L.
17:23 22 Dec 22
Best auto repair and care in Ohio
maureen b.
Maureen B.
17:14 22 Dec 22
Ulmers did a great job repairing the brakes on my old Toyota Matrix. Literally to-the-door service with their pick up/drop off service included. They always communicate with me clearly about the estimate and repair (not talking over my head or down to me, and giving a clear understandable explanation) and warn me even if the estimate was a few dollars off. Over decades of taking my family’s cars to Ulmers, we have always been delighted with their work- a never-fail repair every time.
ray p.
Ray P.
17:10 22 Dec 22
Repaired window and oil change.
cyndy wright s.
Cyndy Wright S.
17:09 22 Dec 22
Ulmer's is wonderful! They are very thorough. Communication is excellent. I had a great experience with David and Alex and the technician. Also, super helpful when my tire light came on and had to return. They fixed it and I was back on my way. I can't say enough good things. Thank you, Ulmer's!
anna a.
Anna A.
17:39 20 Dec 22
Great job and excellent customer service!!
andrew o.
Andrew O.
18:24 19 Dec 22
Had an issue with another place for oil change, they said that something was cracked and they would not be able to perform the service. Ulmer's looked it over and confirmed that they couldn't find anything wrong with it and recommended just to go ahead with the oil change. I would consider going here for oil changes if it didn't take so long. If I have anything greater than an oil change though, I will definitely be using them again.
gary h.
Gary H.
23:06 16 Dec 22
Fast, friendly, efficient service. Mechanics you can trust!
alicia b.
Alicia B.
18:52 16 Dec 22
The best car service experience I've ever had. They were able to care for my fully electric car, wonderfully. Friendly as heck!
gerald o.
Gerald O.
01:27 13 Dec 22
We have used Ulmer's Auto for many years (30+) -- back to when they only had one shop on Salem Rd. They are honest, efficient, effective, knowledgeable and friendly. Brian does take after his father which is very positive and therefore is a very good manager. His staff is first class and they have super memories, of course, their computer systems helps them.
patricia w.
Patricia W.
20:57 12 Dec 22
Always wonderful service!!! I have been taking my vehicles to Ulmer's for about 16yrs and I have always been very happy with their assistance. I have also taken my son's car there when he lived in Milford for a year.I totally trust their recommendations. I am still able to drive a very well functioning 2007 vehicle because of the quality work they do!!!Patricia Weghorst
julio m.
Julio M.
21:07 11 Dec 22
Ulmer's Auto Care is a professional automotive service shop that provides quality repairs and good value, compare to dealers. They are punctual and can be trusted to have ready your car when promised. They are not the least expensive however one can trusted them to deliver good and satisfactory work.
john o.
John O.
02:40 10 Dec 22
First time at this repair shop. From start to finish was the best experience I've had at any repair shop. Dave was honest and professional and the vibe of the location felt right to me. great follow up. Good people. They will definitely get my repeat business.My experience was something you just don't get these days. Highly recommend. Tell them Hyundai guy sent you.🙂
michael j.
Michael J.
22:58 09 Dec 22
Ulmer's was very professional they are very knowledgeable when it comes to repairs Phil and the whole staff were quiet friendly it is nice to find an excellent place with honest values thank you all
nicholas c.
Nicholas C.
20:04 09 Dec 22
Extremely knowledge and friendly staff. Resolved issues with vehicle in a reasonable amount of time
chris t.
Chris T.
18:52 09 Dec 22
Really friendly, no-hype shop! I mentioned being a rideshare driver and needing the car to earn a living, and they got me right in first thing in the morning rather than making me leave it and miss-out on any income. Their pricing was fair, and right in line with what I’d expected to pay, not to mention WAY less than at the local Hyundai dealer’s service center. Very positive experience!
john w. thomas i.
John W. Thomas I.
21:40 05 Dec 22
We've taken a number of cars in the family there and they're always reliable they always do great work at a fair and competitive price. From minor repairs and things like 30,000 mile checkups to having an entire AC replaced on a 20-year-old car, we've had it done there. Now that I've found them, I wouldn't go anywhere else. They let you know up front how long it's going to take and how much it's going to cost and they're right on target there are no gimmicks there are no unexpected extras. The only drawback, if it is one, is that they are becoming quite well known and very popular so if you need something done you need to plan a little bit in advance because they're not the world's biggest place, but it's worth the wait so plan ahead and go there for what has to be absolutely the best car care in Cincinnati and Ohio and the Midwest that I have found.
mark c.
Mark C.
15:21 04 Dec 22
Replaced wiper fluid reservoir and pump. Great service. Wonderful communicationEveryone could not have been any more kinder, helpful and professionalFirst time customer and will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you Brandon, Phil,etc.
robin d.
Robin D.
14:06 03 Dec 22
Consistent Excellent service always! Thanks Guys!
jo ann h.
Jo Ann H.
14:01 02 Dec 22
Excellent service a caring staff.
chace m.
Chace M.
17:27 01 Dec 22
Ulmer's consistently gives great service. I have been going there for years. The entire team is great and specifically Brandon is great to work with. I have full trust in him and he does an excellent job at communicating what problems their team has found and walking me through the necessary or recommended steps.I'd highly recommend Ulmers.
paula g.
Paula G.
14:55 26 Nov 22
Very experienced and friendly. I'm so glad they are in my neighborhood
joshua f. c.
Joshua F. C.
06:52 26 Nov 22
Friendly staff, reasonably fast service at an affordable price, I would recommend to anyone needing transmission serviced or replaced.
cat w.
Cat W.
20:43 23 Nov 22
This is MY KINDA car care place! These gents are always polite, ready to help and LISTEN to your concerns about your vehicle. I've been taking my vehicle here over a year and am always pleased with the work. They work with my car insurance company and I don't have to worry about anything.
cc r.
20:04 23 Nov 22
Great service, professional & friendly staff, stands behind their work & always dependable! I always have peace of mind when working with Ulmer’s!
jay h.
15:43 18 Nov 22
Was referred from Chad @ Surber’s on 18 to go see Pro Transmission Frank the MGR. Service was incredible as in taking great care of us. My Infiniti QX56 having some issues I drop it off for them to services it, but they could not, due to part issues. They diagnosed it twice and didn’t even charge me for it. I couldn’t believe it. Nobody does anything for FREE these days…. WoW!!! 5 STARS. For that reason in wanted to do business with them & the Manager Frank. High Kudos. We are going to refer everyone to Pro Transmission. Thank you again
marilyn k.
Marilyn K.
02:28 02 Oct 22
Excellent service
mark w.
Mark W.
20:32 29 Sep 22
Great team & very well run business..I received excellent service on any follow ups.. no complaints..Thanks for the amazing level of service Alex & Doug
lynn f.
Lynn F.
02:40 27 Sep 22
We were able to get our son's car in within a couple days of our inquiry. The staff is extremely friendly and thorough. The work was done to our satisfaction (replaced catalytic converter). Would definitely recommend!
robert n.
Robert N.
13:13 20 Sep 22
Great crew that does Great work !
joseph f.
Joseph F.
13:13 17 Sep 22
Great Service! Great Staff! Can be confident the repairs are done correctly. Great business!!
joe v.
Joe V.
22:00 02 Sep 22
Great HONEST Service. Highly recommend!!
justin p.
Justin P.
01:05 01 Sep 22
I highly recommend this service shop for answers regarding transmission work.Frank of Pro Transmission was the friendliest and demonstrated lots of patience explaining to me the issue with my vehicle. This shop is honest, and are willing to work with you. Please visit Pro Teansmissions for your transmission needs.
brian c.
Brian C.
15:15 31 Aug 22
Great Service. Doug, Alex and Jason are the Best!
22:38 30 Aug 22
This place is great! I was given multiple options for work on my vehicle. I didn't feel like I had one option . The manager even helped me figure out the valve of my car to help me decide on a repair or looking for a different vehicle. Very honest and up front. I highly recommend Pro-transmission.
marvin b.
marvin B.
12:34 20 Aug 22
Great service
hannah e.
Hannah E.
23:02 09 Aug 22
The folks at Ulmers have been a real pleasure to work with. I initially went to them for an engine repair which turned into an 8 month ordeal (due to supply shortages). They kept me in the loop throughout the entire process and took the time to explain all of my options when it came to repairing/replacing my engine. I'm really grateful for Cody and Max for their patience and helpfulness through it all.I've been back to Ulmers twice since the engine replacement and they have been nothing but pleasant and accommodating! As a younger woman, I've never felt so respected and heard at an auto repair shop. I could not recommend them more!
eric w.
Eric W.
17:36 12 Jul 22
Friendly, Knowledgeable Mechanics. Will definitely be recommend this business. Just make sure you call ahead, a few days, they are usually pretty busy.
barry s.
Barry S.
19:33 11 Jul 22
Quick and efficient
dave b
Dave B
16:42 04 Jul 22
Honest, professional and friendly service every time!
mike k
Mike K
02:33 03 Jul 22
Excellent service, highly recommended!
kelly r.
Kelly R.
15:54 29 Jun 22
After some questionable service at our dealership, took my car to Ulmers (used them in the past with a different car) and it was a great decision. They are honest, fair, friendly and professional. Highly recommend Ulmers!
margie b.
Margie B.
03:42 07 Jun 22
Good quality of care. I have complete trust in Ulmers. My dad used to go there.
valerie l.
Valerie L.
00:18 05 Jun 22
Experts. Great service. Fast turnaround. Highly recommend!
13:50 30 May 22
Good people and quality repairs.
tracy b.
Tracy B.
12:24 24 May 22
They do the best work. Very wonderful and kind people. They’ve always gone over and above for me. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Been going there for years and my parents did since the 80’s. I Love Ulmers Auto Care. 5 STAR Service
donna s.
Donna S.
18:39 05 May 22
The auto repair to trust with a bid the work done service the best and I so trust the entire experience best price best service let this company take care of your vehicle!!!
k b.
K B.
17:28 28 Apr 22
You can always count on Ulmer's to perform top quality work at a fair price. They have worked on several of our vehicles over the years and we have always been impressed by their professionalism and excellent customer service
smfo o.
Smfo O.
22:15 25 Apr 22
I found this shop in 2020 when I first started experiencing more major issues with my last car. They were always honest, always explained everything clear, and would even show me why my parts were faulty. I have had some bad experiences as a woman, and this place has never treated me any differently nor have they ever taken advantage. Now with my new vehicle, I have started experiencing issues. Not only did they take extra time to inspect the issue, but their loaners are also helpful. I will forever bring my vehicles here and always recommend them. Cody has some of the most amazing customer service, and Bob knows his cars. This place has helped me out alot, and I’m extremely grateful for their eagerness to always help and do the best they can do.
scotty c.
scotty C.
02:03 05 Apr 22
Great service at an affordable price, honest, convenient and great customer service.
doug d.
Doug D.
16:06 30 Mar 22
I wouldn't go any place else. They are good
rejeana t.
ReJeana T.
23:02 28 Mar 22
Matt and the crew are excellent and gave me excellent service. I love the fact they they truly want to fix your vehicle and they did not try to upcharge or get over because I am a woman. Will use them for all of my automotive needs.
scott t.
scott T.
14:28 21 Mar 22
We've never had a single issue here or at the Salem location. We've always received very prompt and courteous service, the loaner cars make things painless, and they have an extremely gracious warranty on all the work they do. Highly recommended.
victor s.
Victor S.
21:35 16 Mar 22
Seem to be working hard.
jason p.
jason P.
13:54 26 Feb 22
This place is just amazing!They rebuilt my motor and runs great.A Lil expensive but worth it...
alex a.
Alex A.
13:32 18 Feb 22
The crew at ulmers is beyond amazing! They are so sweet and so helpful and go out of their way to make me feel comfortable! Also my car is running great and I’m so appreciative!!
chris j.
Chris J.
00:00 07 Feb 22
They got my 2011 Ford Escape XLT AWD SUV back on the road again.
shawna miller p.
Shawna Miller P.
00:33 01 Feb 22
Dependable service and friendly people. We trust Ulmers for all of our auto care needs.
kelly j.
Kelly J.
13:32 21 Jan 22
They were fantastic. Fair price for great work and took care of me the very same day.
14:31 20 Jan 22
very friendly team, was able help me with my issues quick and resolved my problem!!!
gayle kravec b.
Gayle Kravec B.
15:14 07 Jan 22
Considerate, friendly and willing to help no matter the size of the job. They guarantee their work. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
kimberly r.
Kimberly R.
23:50 06 Jan 22
They are awesome workers they care about you and your vehicle they give you taxi service no charge they are a Blessing
becky t.
Becky T.
14:22 05 Jan 22
Love the friendly and informative staff. I had a new to me car check over for soundness as I only trust Ulmer's with our vehicles. They always do a superb job! Thank you Ulmer's team.
gary b.
Gary B.
21:48 03 Jan 22
I was in a bind to get my daughter’s car fixed before she headed back to college. Brian was able to squeeze me in same day and take care of the problem. Will definitely be taking my cars here for service. Convenient and professional!
curtis b.
Curtis B.
14:36 29 Dec 21
Ulmer’s Auto Care goes above and beyond every single time. I am consistently impressed by the work that they do!
barbara todd b.
Barbara Todd B.
01:10 29 Dec 21
I have taken my car (and my kid’s cars) to Ulmers for years. Alex and everyone there has always done a fantastic job. Our son was home for a few days for Christmas from Chicago and something was terribly wrong with his car. He needed it fixed before he could drive home. They squeezed us in, ordered the part and had him ready to go the next day. Their service is excellent and we know we can trust them. I have always recommended Ulmers to my friends and love them even more now!!!!
timothy e.
Timothy E.
21:39 09 Dec 21
Great friendly customer service. I was getting my daughter's car ready for her driving lessons and the front end was vibrating. Their bump to bump inspection report was a great snapshot of everything that needed repairs including tires. They got it done quickly and stand behind their work. I had one small issue and they were quick to fix it. There was no charge because it was related to the repair. Would highly recommend them.
colleen f.
Colleen F.
14:15 01 Dec 21
The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Very accommodating and very helpful. I highly recommend Ulmers and will always continue to use them.
margaret b.
Margaret B.
18:41 23 Nov 21
The honesty of your evaluation and taking the time to explain everything!
gui l.
Gui L.
20:44 12 Nov 21
Amazing team. Cody and Mike are very friendly and professional!
katherine n.
Katherine N.
17:24 05 Nov 21
Excellent Service, Always responsible and reasonable priced.
keith c.
Keith C.
19:47 26 Oct 21
Did a good job on my transmission leak
michele m.
Michele M.
10:54 15 Oct 21
Great place!! Reliable, honest, and friendly!! We continue to send my car there every time!!!
brian g.
Brian G.
22:10 14 Oct 21
Honest. Upfront. Able to deliver on their word. Can't ask for more.
john s.
John S.
16:35 12 Oct 21
Honest work at fair prices.
john s.
John S.
15:35 08 Oct 21
The folks at Pro Transmission are fantastic.
jane c.
Jane C.
17:55 06 Oct 21
They really know Toyota’s and know when to use OEM parts and when to go off label. They also have a better warranty on their work that most shops AND dealerships. With the free shuttles, it makes my life easier since I don’t have another driver in my home.
tony t.
Tony T.
20:55 29 Sep 21
Highly recommend thier service, extremely knowledgeable and very courteous
mark d.
Mark D.
14:51 29 Sep 21
Ulmer’s was able to figure out an issue that two other shops were unable to correctly diagnose.
I’ve used dealerships in the past, but I can say without a doubt that Ulmer’s is more knowledgeable and provides higher quality work.
You will never go wrong when choosing Ulmer’s!!
jeanette r.
Jeanette R.
18:02 17 Sep 21
Awesome service ! Fair pricing and honest.
greg m.
Greg M.
20:53 15 Sep 21
Thank you for fixing Beechmont Volkswagen complete miss the first time around - My mistake and Ulmer's will be my 1st choice every time
ed g
Ed G
00:01 15 Sep 21
I have taken my Jeep to Ulmer's for years based upon quality of work performed at reasonable cost and professional customer service!
dennis r. b.
Dennis R. B.
16:38 12 Sep 21
Air in my c10 Chevy was not working. They went straight to work and found a wiring issue. Works great now!
rosanne m.
Rosanne M.
20:27 07 Sep 21
I like the fact that I'm treated like a neighbor, not a number. Ulmer's does excellent work and stands behind it. If anything goes wrong, they make it right. I've been a customer for over 40 years because I trust Ulmer's.
barb h.
Barb H.
17:21 31 Aug 21
Love the guys experts.
gunner m.
Gunner M.
18:58 30 Aug 21
Professional, fortunately no issues found, wasn't charged for testing. Great work
venita j.
Venita J.
02:08 25 Aug 21
I've brought several cars to Ulmer's and have always had a good experience. Now that my children have their own cars, they even use them.
jessah m.
Jessah M.
23:39 23 Aug 21
Spoke with one of the employees on the phone about getting a new replacement fuse. He was very polite.
wayne k.
Wayne K.
21:45 16 Aug 21
Great service work well done on time never visit a dealer again save money at Ulmers auto care
russell w.
Russell W.
21:46 14 Aug 21
Excellent customer service. High Integrity!
jo e.
Jo E.
20:31 28 Jul 21
I know When I take my car to Ulmers it will be done right.
tee m.
Tee M.
19:56 22 Jul 21
Difficult problem and resolved. Reliable. Thank you.
suzanne a.
Suzanne A.
19:48 17 Jul 21
Great service by people who care. Trustworthy.
john w.
John W.
15:38 17 Jul 21
Been a customer of Ulmer’s Salem Rd location for over 30 years now. Have always gotten great service on my vehicles there. Honest repair estimates with no unnecessary repairs. Car returned usually same day to minimize inconvenience to the customer. Can’t recommend them enough
pam dirkes f.
Pam Dirkes F.
20:06 13 Jul 21
The service and honesty is amazing, single woman sometimes are not treated very well. That doesn’t happen at Ulmer’s. They have gained a repeat customer. Thanks Cody!
katie p.
Katie P.
20:10 03 Jul 21
Customer service is by far the best. Quick, courteous and great work. Thank you for everything! -Katie & Andy
jenny t.
Jenny T.
03:46 03 Jul 21
Quick to get my car diagnosed and in and out. Ty for your service. Would recommend
donald a.
Donald A.
22:17 25 Jun 21
Good experience— friendly people
liz p.
Liz P.
13:57 24 Jun 21
Excellent service you can trust.
alison stearns m.
Alison Stearns M.
15:16 23 Jun 21
Ulmer’s Auto Care has been our go-to for about 4 years. They are professional, courteous, knowledgeable and have saved us last minute on numerous occasions. They try really hard to help out their customers as quickly and accurately as possible.
gene b.
Gene B.
22:56 15 Jun 21
I always went to Rick Walmeyer in Southgate until he sold out to Ulmer's.
I was hesitant at first then gave Ulmer a try and they treated me right and took good care of my car. Bob is the best and knows my car he's an old walmeyer mechanic.
12:39 15 Jun 21
I'm a paranoid dude; these are the only guys I trust to touch my vehicle. They will bend over backwards to make things as easy and conveniant as possible to take care of you. Ask for Alex, he will hook you up witha good deal.
jason f.
Jason F.
01:58 13 Jun 21
I didn't use this company my mother is in the process of having some work done but based on my mother's feedback this company seems to care about their customers. In the future I myself may use them for my automotive needs.
linda h.
Linda H.
00:42 09 Jun 21
Cody was very helpful he explained everything to me so I would understand I liked the way they treated me knowing I was a woman I have been to alot of garages they take advantage of woman this place was great the price surprised me I will keep going and doing business with them thanks
rick c.
Rick C.
14:42 26 May 21
They do a great job. They reviewed what was done and what will be needed in the future. I feel like my car is in good hands.
bret davis r.
Bret Davis R.
12:57 25 May 21
Wow. Goes above and beyond with my Passat. Great value and very honest. Highly recommended
michael t.
Michael T.
00:23 25 May 21
Very professional very courteous.Helpful knowledgeable staff.
antionne b.
Antionne B.
23:41 14 May 21
So I'm new to the area..This team is Great. Cody is really great at what he does and I thank God for him and there team. They were there for me in my time of need. God will send you to places that will bless you. Thanks Ulmers for all you do.
bill w.
Bill W.
12:21 14 May 21
Thank you,my old Honda never ran so good, Thanks again
mike m.
Mike M.
13:51 01 May 21
You all are the best there is.
jeff j.
Jeff J.
17:54 22 Apr 21
Good communication on work needed and cost to repair. I recommend Ulmer to everyone I know.
mark l.
Mark L.
17:49 22 Apr 21
Fair and do what they say! Refreshing today!
scott w.
Scott W.
18:48 19 Apr 21
Fair prices great work. Told me of other problems that needed attention, but said they could wait a bit never tried to sell me anything I didn't need immediately. Have taken my cars to al's auto for last 10 years, and when they fix something it stays fixed. Just great service friendly no pressure small town feel place.
susan h.
Susan H.
18:00 31 Mar 21
Always great service!
karl p.
Karl P.
03:31 31 Mar 21
Do great work. Repeat customer for continued maintenance and repairs. Highly recommend.
victor s.
Victor S.
12:26 27 Mar 21
great service, quality work and honest service work. there not going to jerk you around at ulmers if they can fix it they will and will let you know if it's nest not to waste your money on it. not like others who just want to take your money when you didn't need the work done.
nick r.
Nick R.
17:31 20 Mar 21
Excellent service. Love the honesty.
joel r.
Joel R.
01:14 20 Mar 21
Totally trust ulmer’s for 33 years
michele k.
michele K.
22:56 05 Mar 21
Did great job at good price
donna r.
Donna R.
19:33 20 Feb 21
I have been a customer at this location for many many years. The employees are friendly, knowledgeable and flexible.
molly gilligan w.
Molly Gilligan W.
19:10 17 Feb 21
Affordable service with extraordinary customer service. Drove me to my house and picked me up when done to satisfy Covid Protocols and allow me to wait in the comfort of my own home.
corkscrew t.
Corkscrew T.
22:01 22 Jan 21
Perfect Service!Professional customer service!Friendly & informative!And no grease on my steering wheel!Thank you for installing the drive shaft.2011 Jeep GC L 🚗Had this done about 10 days ago; drove it for a week before I reviewed.
hubler c.
Hubler C.
20:47 18 Jan 21
Awsome place very nice and friendly
liz zeidenberg s.
Liz Zeidenberg S.
13:20 14 Jan 21
Once again the team at Ulmers made me feel like I was going the only customer around. Responsive, knowledgeable, and honest. What more could you ask for? And they got me in and out in the one and only day we could be without the car. Thank you!
george h
George H
04:44 13 Jan 21
Quality Auto repair-fair prices
donald j.
Donald J.
01:17 01 Jan 21
The service and people are wonderful to work with. I feel 100% safe and confident that my car will provide the service it’s designed to do. I never worry about the performance of my car having it served at Ulmer’s. Wesley, Steve and Brian are super to work with. Thank you everyone at Ulmer’s Anderson.
alexis v.
Alexis V.
16:47 19 Dec 20
The whole team here is extremely helpful, nice, and trustworthy. I’ve never felt like they did more to my car then needed and they always are happy to explain anything! I even suggested I was going to sell my car soon, so they just did the basics needed until I sell it, and went so far as to walk me through some car suggestions for what I’m looking to buy. Can’t say enough nice things about Ulmers, they have my business for life!
lauren m.
Lauren M.
00:04 16 Dec 20
I brought in my Ford Escape to the Mt. Washington Ulmer’s just this past week. Wesley was the service advisor, and Dan was the technician. These guys were so friendly, personable and professional.

Typically when I deal with mechanics I feel that I am being duped or deceived. (Female probs, ya know?) These men were honest and genuine. I have lived in Anderson for years but have never taken my car to them. I am a very loyal customer now. Thank you, gentleman at Mt. Washington!
nancy bodman p.
Nancy Bodman P.
23:32 07 Dec 20
I was a walk in. They took care of me immediately and were extremely kind.
steve r.
Steve R.
13:34 06 Dec 20
Took my 20 3500 GMC plow truck there lost reverse got me right in working on it now
peter l.
Peter L.
15:36 23 Nov 20
Thanks for the great service!
paul a.
Paul A.
19:07 16 Nov 20
I just want to share why I use Ulmer's in Southgate. I was an estimator at a nearby collision repair shop. I started sending cars I had in for collision repairs to Ulmer's for suspension repairs and alignments. Because I had so many experiences with them I can say that they are honest, knowledgeable, and professional.Cody, who was my point of contact, kept me up to date on vehicles and gave great advice on how to do the right repair based on what the vehicle needed. His level of service was exceptional.I trust Ulmer's Southgate so much that I began using them for my personal vehicles. Cody and Ulmer's are now my trusted mechanics and it gives me great piece of mind to know that they are ensuring the safety and reliability of my wife's, my daughter's and my vehicles.
roman f.
Roman F.
15:50 09 Nov 20
this place is the best. very professional work and reasonable price. Now I use only this place for any work on my car. oil change, brakes, tires, lights.
katharine t.
Katharine T.
05:06 02 Nov 20
They helped me out in a tight spot although it took them longer to complete my car than what was agreed upon. Other than that nice people and quality work.
carolyn m.
Carolyn M.
00:21 28 Oct 20
excellent service, very kind and courteous staff, keeps you well informed, superior quality work 5 STARS!
charles b.
Charles B.
15:35 21 Oct 20
Been using this shop for years, since when it was Waldenmayer's. Always did a good job at a fair price. Recommended.
dan b.
Dan B.
14:27 17 Oct 20
I’ve been going to Ulmer’s for years. They always do a great job and never try to push any unnecessary repairs.
I highly recommend them.
kerry fagan b.
Kerry Fagan B.
12:29 09 Oct 20
Ulmers is always attentive to the needs of our cars. They are communicative on the work that needs to be completed and finish in a timely fashion.
rita s.
Rita S.
00:30 01 Oct 20
Front desk service all the way thru
jaymez w.
Jaymez W.
21:21 24 Sep 20
Very friendly
jessica c.
Jessica C.
13:44 21 Sep 20
My Mazda was having some clutch problems. After getting a crazy quote from a different place, I called up to ProTransmission and they quoted me a fair price for all four parts the other place said I needed. Frank told me he would take a look at everything. My car was done within a few days and when I went to cash out, I was very surprised by the price, as it was under the quote he gave me first, turns out I didn’t need all those extra parts the other place said I needed. He treated me fairly and with respect and I will definitely be back if my car has any other problems!!
james c.
James C.
18:52 10 Sep 20
Outstanding mechanics & management. 100% trustworthy. Have serviced my four cars for over 20 years. Great value.
jon w.
Jon W.
21:33 09 Sep 20
Frank was up front with details and after rebuild the price remained as quoted. I have a 400 turbo which I abused now it's like new. Frank is a straight shooter, doesn't blow smoke if you know what I mean. Refreshing for a change.Update:Had the TH400 transmission rebuilt by them, it lasted ~2.5 years. I don't drive it much ~200 miles a year at most -1972 vette. Long story short it went out again , all i had left was 1st gear left. They took it apart called me and said the broken motor mounts caused the internal issues. I took it to someone else who was amazed. I'll complete this review once I speak to the owner. MOTOR MOUNTS--NOTTTT
bradford b.
Bradford B.
20:22 03 Sep 20
Frank and the guys at Pro Transmission were very helpful. Price was fair and work was done in a timely manner. I'd recommend them to anyone.
stephanie w.
Stephanie W.
14:13 31 Aug 20
We have been using this particular garage for all of our vehicle maintenance for at least 15 years. Just had our first experience with Ulmers who have taken over and we received the same exceptional service. They gave our Trail Blazer an oil change and a good once over. We needed a few additional repairs done and they were very transparent about the issue, the fix and the pricing estimate. This day in age, you need mechanics you can trust.
ahmet a
Ahmet A
19:01 25 Aug 20
Honest people. Gave me good options and took care of my car
marilyn d.
Marilyn D.
13:34 25 Aug 20
they are always helpful, polite and fo great work.
brenden b.
Brenden B.
20:10 24 Aug 20
I was up north visiting last week when I had an unexpected brake issue. I called Glenn and Cody and without hesitation they told me to bring my car in right away. To my surprise, I was back on the road in four hours. The cost was more than fair. I am so appreciative of all Ulmers did to help me out. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone!!! Thanks to everyone there!
david g.
David G.
15:33 20 Aug 20
Great quality of work and a significantly less expensive than a competitor. Great job!
tricia w.
Tricia W.
15:08 20 Aug 20
These guys are great. They Do great work, but also don’t try to up sell me on anything. In fact, they help me stay On budget by Telling me what is important for safety purposes that has to be done quickly, and then provide me a list of the next upcoming repairs that I will need in order of importance
thundar s
Thundar S
15:19 19 Aug 20
The guys know how to get the job done.
16:32 12 Aug 20
I towed my car to their place and they had no problem fixing it within short notice. Great service and I would recommend them to anyone I know.
joseph p.
Joseph P.
23:11 05 Aug 20
Great service and work was done in a very short time.
scott j.
Scott J.
21:51 03 Aug 20
Always great friendly service
lester d.
Lester D.
23:49 30 Jul 20
Got my old van running again, an less expensive than I thought
lisa vonderembse y.
Lisa VonderEmbse Y.
00:24 09 Jul 20
Brake repair today- love that they are always upfront and honest. Keeps me coming back!
charles h. m.
Charles H. M.
17:24 02 Jul 20
Always great service and timely response.
Thank you
stevie l.
Stevie L.
18:29 16 Jun 20
We have been going to Ulmers for many years and my parents and brothers use them also. You can’t get better service anywhere!
joe v.
Joe V.
23:58 13 Jun 20
honest and good people to work with
jeff c.
Jeff C.
14:04 10 Jun 20
I appreciated their honest work and skilled technicians.
susie c.
Susie C.
13:01 07 Jun 20
Love this place! Honest and reliable. The service is excellent. Welcoming and very professional. Their prices are very reasonable and they only fix what is needed.
kayla k.
Kayla K.
00:22 16 May 20
Need my car realigned and Pro Transmission came highly recommended.My car runs great now.. I'm very appreciative of their service that was fast and super friendly.From now on, I will recommend this place to everyone.
gigi p.
Gigi P.
23:45 15 May 20
Ulmers provides the best personalized care in the most professional manner. I trust them completely!
michael b.
Michael B.
22:15 01 May 20
Great job -fast and efficient!
steve s.
Steve S.
00:26 26 Apr 20
Even with all the craziness going on right now, Ulmer's continues to provide great service, in a safe and easy way.
nancy w.
Nancy W.
16:18 17 Apr 20
Yesterday, Thursday April 16, I picked up my 2000 Grand Jeep Cherokee. Ulmer's correctly diagnosed an ignition problem and replaced a faulty connector, replaced my serpentine belt, which was showing signs of significant wear, replaced the clogged air filter, then pulled the rear axles, and replaced the rear wheel bearings and seals, cleaned the differential and replaced the hypoid oil in the rear end. They also alerted me to the rusted rear brake rotors, which they replaced, and rear brake pads. The steering on the Jeep had been lose, so they replaced the steering stabilizer! After picking up the car, it drove and sounded like a brand new car off of the assembly line. Steering tight, once again, excellent brakes, and no more bad wheel bearing noise! The cost was very reasonable, and the mechanics are the best, knowledgable and certified! My experience with service managers Welsey and Steve proved to me the knowledge, care and consideration this team has to pull together, for us, the customers! I have been a long term customer, and will remain so!

james j.
James J.
13:25 08 Apr 20
Helped rebuild my transmission and was under estimate. Thanks!
louann c.
Louann C.
14:56 23 Mar 20
These guys are super friendly and helpful. I totally trust them!
david a. r.
David A. R.
23:40 26 Feb 20
excellent service and advice. very professional and knowledgeable. I've been going there for 35 years.
carol t.
Carol T.
13:28 13 Feb 20
Alex and staff are always very friendly and honest! They take great care of our cars and don't oversell.
don o.
Don O.
00:34 11 Feb 20
They are fair, honest and talented. If something is not right they will make it right.
jayne m.
Jayne M.
13:30 06 Feb 20
I drive my car, Ulmer’s keeps it running. I trust their knowledge and skills so I can drive my car!
Customers drive their business so they treat customers like family. It’s all a perfect combination!
terry d.
Terry D.
18:36 31 Jan 20
Complete confidence if the job you do.
I appreciate that you know my car
chris k
Chris K
01:41 13 Jan 20
Very happy with the work they did on my '03 Liberty. I was referred by my regular shop and they did not disappoint. They met and exceeded my expectations of cost and timeliness. For anyone looking for or needing transmission work, I highly recommend Pro Transmission!!!!
greg b.
Greg B.
00:06 10 Jan 20
I heartily recommend Ulmer’s Auto Care. They do excellent work of a high quality. Staff is knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy.
The car was finished and ready when promised.
I can always count on Ulmer’s.
julie a.
Julie A.
20:57 09 Jan 20
They are always courteous, attentive, honest, & do top-notch work. Wouldn't have anyone else service my van.
mark d.
Mark D.
18:10 07 Jan 20
Pro Transmission did a GREAT job on my transmission. They are very fair in their pricing, DON'T give your job to anyone, until you receive an estimate from these guys! My SUV shifts great and they stand behind their work.
gary v.
Gary V.
19:22 18 Dec 19
Have brought my vehicles here for years and will continue to do so. Fantastic, quality work by knowledgable, personable people. And most reasonable. Thanks, Alex and all.
dawn b.
Dawn B.
19:10 06 Dec 19
I felt like I was treated fairly. I got an honest answer about my car's issues even though I didn't like the answer. I would recommend them in the future.
todd m.
Todd M.
15:10 26 Nov 19
As a independent contractor, small business owner, and now General Manager I can tell you this business takes their customer service seriously. First line of business is to always do a good job, but sometimes people make mistakes. That’s human nature. The ownership at Ulmer’s and his staff went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. I can say I won’t take my cars anywhere else from here on!
glen m.
Glen M.
19:40 14 Nov 19
Great service. Friendly and efficient.
sally dumford w.
Sally Dumford W.
19:38 06 Nov 19
The customer care is A+ and in all of these years using Ulmer's we have never had a problem. Highly recommended!
jason s.
Jason S.
15:30 02 Nov 19
Great place great bunch of guys and the turn around is awesome. Great at redoing our race transmissions
cliff b.
Cliff B.
12:23 25 Oct 19
These guys did a great job on my trans. It shifts great a d I've had no problems with anything since. I would recommend them to anyone.
gina r.
Gina R.
12:34 23 Oct 19
best auto care and best customer service around.
steve l.
Steve L.
16:28 17 Oct 19
Excellent service. Fair prices and confidence in the people who work there. Always fair and honest.
christine robertson r.
Christine Robertson R.
16:45 11 Sep 19
Bryan, Steve, Wesley and the entire team are always knowledgeable, professional, helpful & friendly. Their work is outstanding. I count on Ulmer’s for everything with my car.
sarah k.
Sarah K.
20:10 05 Sep 19
Had a wonderful experience with Ulmers! Steve was a pleasure to deal with and worked hard for the best outcome. Will definitely be coming back in the future!
ann k.
Ann K.
20:46 30 Aug 19
Have been having my cars worked on at Ulmers for many years, I would highly recommend their auto service. Over the years, my cars have run great for many years with Ulmers’s servicing them. Thank you for caring for me and my car!
tate b.
Tate B.
16:30 20 Aug 19
I was having trouble with my transmission and they gave me several free recommendations trying to help me to not spend money unnecessarily! Great guys! Somehow, without realizing it, they fixed the problem during the diagnostic test drive, because when I left the shop there were ZERO problems with the car. They’re either accidental geniuses, really lucky, or just good guys that will do their best not to cost you an arm and a leg. Maybe a combo of all 3 xD
barbara neggerman m.
Barbara Neggerman M.
18:09 09 Aug 19
Have had great experience yesterday at Ulmer’s. I dealt with Steve, who is sooo customer focused. I pulled the car in front before parking for service the next day. I walked in and Steve knew who I was and all about the problems with the car before I said a word. I was very impressed with that as I hadn’t had the car in for work since last year. The options for my needed repairs was fully explained. I would use them again, and can easily recommend them for car repairs!
julie p.
Julie P.
23:30 31 Jul 19
Ulmers staff and service are always outstanding... they genuinely care for your safety by providing you with the very best service, and they are always so nice!!! Special thanks always to Brian, Steve and Wesley.. you gentlemen rock!
becky b.
Becky B.
20:20 17 Jul 19
Steve was great at explaining the brake problem I was having and what needed to be done. He was up front with cost. No one likes to spend money on their car but Ulmers is cheaper with better service which makes it less painful. I would recommend to anyone.
jennifer s.
Jennifer S.
22:52 20 Jun 19
I’m so happy I found this place! Always a great experience and I love the free loaner cars!
kathy dorn h.
Kathy Dorn H.
01:29 15 Jun 19
We’ve been taking our car to them for quite sometime and will never go anywhere else. Steve and Ashley are so professional and nice and I totally trust them. They are very honest and don’t pressure you for anything additional. I even buy my tires from them. They are truly a wonderful auto care store and I highly recommend them. They get 5 stars!!!
john r.
John R.
22:37 13 May 19
kept me informed of repair details
kristen b.
Kristen B.
19:40 08 May 19
Ulmer's Auto Care is a great place to take your automobile. They care about their customers and are committed to the community. They offer great work at a fair price. I've used them for the past 20 years and wouldn't think of going elsewhere!
ish i.
Ish I.
20:26 18 Apr 19
Very good customer service fair price
kathy g.
Kathy G.
22:54 17 Apr 19
As USUAL! My experience was stellar! Of course, there is always the professional and friendly, Brian! If only my daughter could find a man like Bri! Wesley, you ain’t bad yourself! You are a true asset to the company! I know I’m forgetting some names, getting old. Thanks to all of you and may each one of you have a blessed Easter! A very loyal and appreciative customer-Kathy Gallagher
sue w.
Sue W.
23:34 09 Apr 19
Great service & communication !
thomas c.
Thomas C.
12:07 16 Mar 19
Ulmer’s Anderson location talks the talk and walks the walk. They never give up trying to find the repair solution to your vehicle. They DO guarantee their work. Great customer service.
lynda hampshire e.
Lynda Hampshire E.
21:30 14 Mar 19
Thank you Alex and the crew once again great job! I appreciate the work that you do.
eric c.
Eric C.
00:07 13 Mar 19
They explained everything they were going to do and provided the exact price before having my approval to do the work. Excellent customer service and reasonable prices.
jamie s.
Jamie S.
00:28 12 Mar 19
Fantastic service! Trust these people completely with my vehicles! They are the first place I call if I have any problems and they have always done a great job.
buck m.
Buck M.
08:16 07 Mar 19
the guys did a great job finding and rebuilding my transmission 1992 Toyota thought the family car was done for, all seems well runs like it always has Thanks again guys glad to get Putt- Putt back on the road
catee marie w.
Catee Marie W.
00:33 05 Mar 19
Great experience and great costumer service. Wesley is very easy to work with, seems to be happy at his job and prompt to reply with updates. I recommend them to anyone looking!
linda m.
Linda M.
20:51 04 Mar 19
that everyone is so personable make you feel like you are wanted there make you louder jable of what is going on with your automobile time in the patients that they put into making sure you understand I appreciate you all and I always will recommend you guys thank you my name is Linda minor
todd e.
Todd E.
14:37 13 Feb 19
Experienced and professional service.
amy verdin c.
Amy Verdin C.
13:35 09 Feb 19
Always great service! Reliable, friendly, trustworthy !
ellen r.
Ellen R.
13:54 30 Jan 19
Ulmers is a great lace to get your car worked on. They are extremely friendly and very professional. I have taken my car there for many years and will continue to do so
They were able to diagnosis a car issue after I had taken it elsewhere and I started having issues. Always has been very informative and helpful with any issues I've had with my car. Trust them 100%.
terry c.
Terry C.
00:20 16 Dec 18
helped with all my needs great people on staff
jean b.
Jean B.
18:12 15 Nov 18
They care ... they want you to understand any issues with your vehicle so you can make informed decisions.
charles t.
Charles T.
03:52 15 Nov 18
Shawn knows what he is doing and is forthright and fair. Greatly appreciated!
lori w.
Lori W.
11:43 04 May 18
I have gone to Ulmers for too long to remember! I get great, honest professional service with a smile. I trust each and every technician there. Brian has a great team and I wouldn’t take my cars anyplace but Ulmers!
troy s.
Troy S.
23:14 07 Apr 18
Honest guys that know what they're doing. Dealer incorrectly told me I needed new part installed at $1600. Pro Transmission correctly diagnosed my problem & only cost me $150. Offered to give me ride back to work also. There's no substitute for experience.
robert c.
Robert C.
17:53 17 Feb 18
Honest mechanics work here! Suspected I had a tranny issue on one of my cars. They diagnosed free of charge and told me it wasn't the tranny. They could have taken me for $2k on a rebuild but they didn't!
cadie s.
Cadie S.
09:40 18 Jan 18
Very nice, honest people.
karen c.
Karen C.
23:46 28 Aug 17
Very knowledgeable great customer service!
gary wever s.
Gary Wever S.
16:54 23 Jul 17
These guys are honest if you got a problem with your transmission they can fix it at a reasonable price
doug s.
Doug S.
22:19 05 Oct 16
Honest folks
jared w.
Jared W.
18:52 29 Aug 16
Pro transmission replaced the clutch/flywheel on my Audi TT about a year ago. The staff here goes above and beyond to make sure your car comes out good and you are aware of any other issues they might have noticed while working on the tranny. Highly recommend!
mike n.
Mike N.
13:37 14 Jan 16
Very helpful. And they explain what is wrong or what it sounds like. Unlike most places that don't even know what they are doing. Great place!!
diana h.
Diana H.
18:44 11 Nov 15
Our daughter attends college near Pro Transmission and she took her car there upon the recommendation of Bob Sumerel. They took care of her right away, to make sure she was safe in the car, at no cost. She took the car back for diagnostics and again, they looked at the car the same day. Even though she is young, she was treated with respect and free of charge. As a parent in another state, they took my calls, answered my questions, and made us feel at ease. I highly recommend Pro Transmission and are grateful that there is a business with integrity everyone can count on.
bill h.
Bill H.
22:05 02 Nov 15
Pleasantly surprised when told our transmission issue was a faulty installment by another shop. They reconnected it correctly, replaced missing bolts and we were on our way in a day at a reasonable charge.
20:49 31 Jul 15
I took my 99 Ford Ranger to Pro Transmission to find out why I had lost third gear. Frank the manager told me they would look into it and let me know. On the same day he let me know that the problem was fixed and something easily fixable. The service they provided me was very knowledgeable, honest, and excellent. I would even recommend my mother to go there and all of my family and friends to go to Pro Transmission for any transmission problems or concerns that they may have
danielle c.
Danielle C.
02:31 09 Jul 15
The second that I walked through the door, I knew I had made the right choice. The sales manager was extremely knowledgeable. The estimate he gave me was almost $2000 less than the dealership. Being a female, I am always intimated and afraid that I'm being charged for work and parts that aren't necessary. That wasn't the case here. My car was fixed in a reasonable amount of time. I was so relieved when I picked it up, knowing that it was running right and with some extra cash in my pocket. I will always trust the team at Pro Transmission.
beverly f.
Beverly F.
19:11 24 Jun 15
I was having transmission trouble and took my car to one of the well know transmission places and they wanted to replace the transmission. A friend of mind told me about Pro Transmission so I took it there. Steve did a computer scan and come to find out it was only a $30.00 sensor. How awesome was that. Thanks again to the pros at Pro Transmission.
marilyn k.
Marilyn K.
20:26 15 Jun 15
Very helpful people
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