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The Car Tech Garage Podcast

Max and Wesley of Ulmer’s Auto Care are on a mission to keep cars interesting! These specialists cover automotive history, repair, racing and all the parts in between! Looking for tech tips? Then this is a podcast for you! They host a Cincinnati based radio show called “The Car Tech Show” on 1480 WDJO, now they want to bring their automotive expertise to the Podcast world!


wesley adams, the car tech garage

Wesley Adams

Wesley Adams is an ASE certified service advisor, and an aspiring automotive know it all. When he isn’t running the office at Ulmer’s Auto Care, he hosts The Car Tech Show on Cincinnati’s WDJO and The Car Tech Garage podcast. We’re pretty sure he even talks about cars in his sleep. Seriously, he can’t stop.

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max gundrum, the car tech garage

Max Gundrum

Max Gundrum loves long walks on the beach and working on cars. Growing up, you could always catch him riding but mostly fixing his BMX bikes. Around the time he could get his license, his new obsession began with cars. Since then, he has put quite a few ASE certifications under his belt and generally loves being around cars. He is even a Co-Host on The Car Tech show and has now helped create The Car Tech Garage Podcast. There’s even a rumor he still sleeps in a car bed.

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