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5 Car Maintenance Mistakes You’re Making that Are Costing You Money

You’ve heard how important it is to keep up with your car’s maintenance services, but did you know that you’re actually wasting money by not doing so? We know you’re busy and it’s not always convenient to bring your vehicle in for service, but if you don’t do it from time to time then you’re risking your car breaking down and needing major repairs! It’s no secret that major auto repairs cost more money than a minor maintenance service.

Your vehicle’s maintenance schedule is created to help keep your car running the way that it should. This keeps your vehicle from breaking down on the side of the road. Think about it, if your car does break down then not only do you need to pay to get it repaired, you also need to pay for towing, be without your car for a longer period of time, and deal with a greater inconvenience than if you had just kept up with it’s services! Save yourself the money and the hassle by making sure you aren’t making the following five car maintenance mistakes.

5 Car Maintenance Service Mistakes You’re Making that Are Costing You Money

wasting money by not getting car maintenance services in anderson and milford, oh

1.   Neglecting to get your oil changed. Getting an oil change is the quickest and most often the cheapest service that your vehicle requires. It is also one of the most beneficial. Failing to get regular oil changes can cause your vehicle’s engine to stop working, which requires major, costly engine repair services. 

2.   Not keeping up with your tires. Driving on bald or flat tires great reduces the life of your tires. It also reduces your gas mileage, causing you to waste money at the pump. Plus, it puts you at risk for a blowout, which can cause further costly damages to your automobile.

3.   Failure to communicate with your mechanic. When you bring your car to your trusted auto repair shop, make sure you are telling your mechanic everything you notice about how your car is running. Things such as new smells, vibrations or sounds may not mean anything to you, but they do to us, and they can help us diagnose your car’s problem faster. The faster we can diagnose the issue, the cheaper the final bill is for you.

4.   Ignoring your vehicle’s symptoms. You know your car better than anyone. Pay attention to differences you may notice when you’re driving, and don’t ignore your instincts. When you notice something isn’t right, bring your vehicle in so a professional mechanic can take a look at it sooner rather than later. Often, early symptoms can help you to identify looming problems before they become major repairs.

5.   Taking your car to a dealership for repairs. On average, vehicle owners save more than $300 a year by taking their cars at an independent auto repair shop. Most independent shops honor dealer warranties, and are more likely to point out to you when a repair is covered by your vehicle’s warranty.

Moral of the story: Vehicle upkeep is imperative. Do yourself, your car and your wallet a favor by keeping up with you vehicle maintenance services and not making the above five mistakes!

If you ever have any questions about your car, truck, SUV, minivan or hybrid, be sure to give the friendly, expert mechanics here at Ulmer’s Car Care Center a call, or easily schedule an appointment with us online. We are always happy to help keeping your car running it’s best.


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