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8 More Crazy Amazing Facts About Automobiles!

Well it is officially springtime, even though Mother Nature doesn’t seem to think so. Here at Ulmer’s Auto Care Center, we want to help you get over the snowy and cold winter blues by entertaining you with some amazing car facts that we think you’ll enjoy! Last year around this time we shared 8 Amazing Auto Facts with you, so this year we thought we’d step it up a notch and give you 8 more even crazier facts about automobile!

interesting and amazing car facts

8 Crazy Amazing Automobile Facts 

1. Henry Ford came up with the phrase “tune-up” when he was working on his first automobile prototype. The first ignition system was made up of spark plugs and ignition coils. As these coils worked they would emit a buzzing sound, and if they were all working together correctly they would all buzz at the same level and be “in tune.” If they weren’t working together, this meant the vehicle wasn’t running it’s best, and these coils needed to be adjusted – or tuned-up – to make the car run better. Today we still use the phrase “tune-up” for auto maintenance services that can help improve a car’s engine performance. 

2. The average American spends about 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. That means by the time you turn 60, you’ll have spent 95 DAYS stuck in traffic, assuming of course that traffic doesn’t get worse at all. Do we really not have flying cars yet? 

3. There was a monk in the 1200s who predicted the existence of cars. Roger Bacon was a Franciscan friar who lived from around 1214-1292. In one of his documents he wrote: “Cars can be made so that without animals they will move with unbelievable rapidity.” He also predicted airplanes, steamships, submarines and scuba diving suits!

4. 75% of cars that Rolls Royce has produced are still on the road today. That’s an amazing feat, and a testament to a quality car, and lower mass production. 

5. There is one place in the world where a boat can sail underneath a train, while the train is driving underneath a car that is driving underneath an airplane. The place where all of these modes of transportation can align is the Boston University Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts.

the boston university bridge in boston, ma

6. It was once against the law to slam your car door in a city in Switzerland. Technically speaking, it is still against the law to slam your door, as the law forbids making “unnecessarily loud and disruptive noise” between the hours of 11pm and 6am.

7. In 1916, 55% of all the cars in the WORLD were Model T Fords. This record has never been broken. 

8. The average car is made up of 30,000 parts. It’s not wonder that the automotive repair profession has become so much more complex and technical. Make sure you choose a top-notch auto repair shop that employs mechanics who really know what they are doing! 

Feel free to use these amazing car facts to impress your friends and loved ones, or, if you have any awesome car info of your own that you would like to share with us, please post it on our Facebook page! We’re always happy to hear from you.


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