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5 Driving Tips to Teach Your Kids BEFORE They Get Their License

Do you want your children to be responsible drivers one day? Well regardless of how oblivious you think your child is, they are watching you drive and watching how you behave in at all times. Always practice behavior that you want them to display when they finally get their license.  You don’t have to wait until they start driving to practice these habits.  The sooner you start, the more it will become what they know and will imitate when they start driving.

5 Things to Teach Your Kids About Driving BEFORE They Get Their License

driving tips to teach your kids

1. Control The Road Rage.

Don’t let your child catch you cursing, using inappropriate hand gestures or diving dangerously to “make a point.”  They will learn these behaviors and mimic them now and later which could potentially hurt themselves or someone else.

2. Keep Eyes on the Road.

Put your phone in the trunk, glove box or leave it in your purse/pocket.  If you want to tell your child one day to stay off the phone and be safe, then lead by example.  This also means, don’t eat and drive, put make up on, or do anything unsafe while operating a vehicle.

3. Always Maintain Your Vehicle.

Talk to them about when and why cars need serviced. Show them what the different lights mean when they come on the dashboard. Explain how long each light can remain on before it’s too late.  For example, “when the gas light comes on, you typically have 30 miles before you will run out of gas.” They may learn that very quickly when they start driving because it only takes one time to not listen to that light and your car runs out of gas.  But other lights take longer and your new driver may not think it is as important, then, the next thing you know, you are replacing a transmission.

4. Introduce Them to a Mechanic.

Take them to a repair shop and coach them on how to talk to the mechanics and staff as well as some good questions to ask.  This will especially help them feel confident when they need to take their car to a mechanic for the first time alone.

5. Discuss the Laws.

You teach your kids all about the rules in public, in the home, and at school, but rarely do parents discuss the laws and rules while driving.  Turn off the tv, radio, and other distractions, and talk to your children about the laws that you follow while driving.  Point out different road signs and what they mean.  This will instill a smarter driver and a responsible member of society!

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