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7 Tips for Road Trips With Your Dog


Heading out on a roadtrip is fun for the whole family, including your dogs. Here are some tips for keeping your dog happy during the trip!

  1. Stop Frequently
  2. Your dog is out of it’s element staying in the car for long periods of time. Make sure you stop frequently and let them use the restroom and stretch their legs. Also give them water during the stops to keep them hydrated.

  3. Don’t Over Feed
  4. It may seem like a good idea to give your dog food or treats while you’re driving, but this can lead to motion sickness. Feed your dog a couple hours before you set out and avoid feeding while you’re moving.

  5. Turn Down The Music
  6. Remember that dogs have hearing that is much more sensitive than humans. Keep the music up front so that you don’t hurt their ears.

  7. Bring Along Familiar Items
  8. Make sure you pack a bag for them! Bring along their favorite toys or blanket to give them a sense of home.

  9. Secure Your Dog
  10. As much as your dog loves hanging out the window, you need to keep their safety in mind. In case of an emergency, you don’t want your beloved pet getting injured or worse. Invest in a harness or crate to keep them safe. Also, protect your seats using a blanket or pet hammock.

  11. Bring Your Own Water
  12. This may seem a little extra, but it’s worth it. Unfamiliar water can upset your dog’s stomach. Bottle up the water they’re used too and take that with you!

  13. Don’t Leave Them Alone
  14. In a unfamiliar place, you dog can get easily stressed. Don’t leave them alone if you can help it. This includes in a parked car. Temperatures in a parked car can rise or fall quickly and cause harm to your dog.

Now that your pet is ready for the trip, get your car ready! Stop by your local auto repair center for a trip inspection before hitting the road!

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