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Best Games to Play in the Car

Spring break is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to plan a vacation getaway with your family or friends. Before departing, prepare to eliminate the feeling of boredom amongst your fellow travelers with these fun games and activities. We know your car will be packed with luggage, snacks and tons of people – that’s why these games do not require any materials whatsoever! Enjoy!

family in the car

I Spy

Let’s make it easy, choose the youngest person to go first. They will look around trying to find an object, inside or outside of the car (decide on this rule before starting the game). Once they are ready, they will say “I spy with my little eye something…” and list out a characteristic of that item. This could be the color of the object, the first letter of the object, the size of the object, etc. If you decide to include outside objects, make sure it is not an object that you will drive by super quickly. Whoever guesses the correct object will get to be the next one to choose an object.

License Plates Game

There are many variations of this game but here is our version. Work together car to try and find each and every state license plate from the United States. This will involve everyone paying close attention to vehicles in front, beside and around them. Trust us, Alaska and Hawaii are not as hard to find as you think – especially if you are going to a very touristy vacation spot. Bonus points for finding a Canadian plate!


This is not the standard game of bingo with numbered balls are randomly pulled with hopes of getting five numbers in a row. While driving, try and find as many yellow cars, trucks, buses as you can. Whenever you spot one, yellow ‘BINGO’ and keep track of your score. This can be an individual or team game.

Alphabet Game

This is another game that can be played as a team or individual. Beginning with the letter ‘A’ going all the way to ‘Z’, use signs on the roads to find words starting with those letters. Once you find your ‘A’ word, move on to ‘B’, then ‘C’, and so on. Whoever find a ‘Z’ word first wins!

Tunnels Challenge

Here’s a challenge for the daring. When your car comes up to a tunnel, have everyone (who wants to participate) hold their breath. See who can hold their breath the longest. Double bonus for those who can hold it until the car reaches the other side of the tunnel. This game could also be played on a bridge.

20 Questions

Similar to ‘I Spy’, pick one person to go first. This time have the oldest person start the game. They will think of a person, place, or thing. Now the rest of the car has twenty questions to try and figure out what the person is thinking. Whoever guesses correctly will go next.


This will be a game you can play at night in the car. Whenever you see another car’s headlight or taillight broken, yell ‘Padiddle’ and lightly hit the top of the car with your fist. Keep track of how many you see!

Restaurant Race

Everyone in the car picks one fast food or sit down restaurant (i.e. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King). Every time you pass the restaurant, see a billboard for the restaurant, or their logo on an exit sign, give yourself a point. Make sure to keep track of your points and see how has the most at the end of the car ride.

Theme Song Game

Take turns humming different theme songs of popular or favorite TV shows and see who can guess the correct show. Whoever guesses correctly takes their best shot at humming another theme song.

Punch Buggy

Similar to the Bingo game, whenever anyone in the car sees a volkswagen beetle, softly hit the ceiling with your fist and say ‘Punch Buggy’. Some variations of the game involve lightly punching someone next to you and saying ‘Punch Buggy’. And those who are experts say, ‘Punch Buggy, no punch backs’!

Before your road trip, stop by your local auto repair center to make sure your car is ready to hit the road!

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