Ulmers Auto Care

We’re Celebrating 80 Years in Business!

Way back in 1936, Bruce Ulmer Sr. started Ulmer’s Auto Care as a simple 2-bay service station in Cincinnati. Since then, Ulmer’s Auto Care has been growing and serving the Greater Cincinnati community with premier automotive repair and maintenance. Our community has helped us grow and thrive over the past 85 years, which is why we’ve decided to celebrate 85 years in business with a donation to two local charities.


We will be donating $0.80 from every service invoice throughout 2016 equally between the Society of Saint Vincent DePaul’s local chapter and the 2016 Rubber Duck Regatta, benefiting the Freestore Foodbank.

We have so many loyal customers to thank for making this milestone possible, which was a big influence in our decision to donate to these local charities to celebrate our 80th Anniversary. Both our centers – in Anderson and Milford – began the donation tally on January 1, and it’s continuing throughout the year.

We’re so proud to be a part of a business community that is focused on giving back, and we are excited to see what donation this year will bring!

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