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Our Blood Drive was a Huge Success: We Helped Save up to 120 Lives!

our blood drive was a huge success: we helped save up to 120 lives!

In response to the continued need for life-saving blood donations, the team at Ulmer’s Auto Care decided to partner with Hoxworth Blood Center of the University of Cincinnati to host a blood drive at our Milford, Ohio auto care center. On the day of our blood drive, our amazing community members came together to donate 40 pints of blood to save up to 120 lives. Read on to see how our commitment to serving our community helps make a difference.

Purpose of Our Blood Drive

In the United States, someone requires medical treatment using donated blood matching their own blood type every two seconds. Millions of blood products are utilized for urgent transfusions to reverse the damage caused by serious illnesses and injuries. A single car accident can demand up to 100 pints of blood, for example, to save all the lives of the people involved. The blood transfusions help many patients make a full recovery when the prognosis is otherwise dim.

With only 38 percent of all people actually able to donate blood products, the need for well-organized and widely-advertised blood drives is quite apparent. We wanted to help our local medical centers build up their blood product stores to continue to appropriately treat people in need of immediate transfusions and other care.

Hosting at Our Milford Location

We selected our Milford auto care center as the dedicated location for our blood drive. Our partner, Hoxworth Blood Center, helped to promote the blood drive and organized every aspect of the collection process. On the day of the drive, Hoxworth brought their team and supplies to our location to collect blood donations throughout the day. Our awesome community members showed up at various points in the day to help out our cause by donating blood.

Our Milford location at 700 Lila Avenue turned out as the perfect place for a blood drive. Our team proudly offered all the support the Hoxworth team needed to make this important event a real success. We are thankful for the service and support from the Hoxworth team in reaching our community assistance goals.

Success of Our Partnership

With our community’s support, Hoxworth and Ulmer’s Auto Care were able to collect 40 pints of blood total. The blood can be used by local medical centers to save the lives of up to 120 people. We proudly collected all blood types to fulfill the need for common, universal, and rare varieties. In addition to acute injuries, many medical conditions require blood products for the treatment process, including sickle cell patients who need regular blood transfusions to survive and stay in optimal health.

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Here at Ulmer’s Auto Care, we will always offer our support to ensure the well-being of our community across the Cincinnati, Milford and Anderson, Ohio & KY regions. We believe in our community and want to do all we can to support their endeavors. Please follow us on social media to see what we are up to next.

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