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How we are dealing with the COVID-19 virus, and keeping you safe

committed to keeping you safe from covid-19

We would like to ensure our customers that we are taking all the necessary precautions when working on their vehicles to ensure that they are disinfected after we perform service on them.

We also offer to anyone who is stuck home because of shutting down schools or offices, that we can pick their vehicle up if leaving their house is a concern.

Now is a great time to take advantage of our availability and get your vehicle repaired or inspected should you be required to make an unexpected road trip. Please let us know how we can be of service. We are here for you now, and anytime you need us.

We would like to ensure our customers that we are taking all possible precautions while servicing vehicles to keep you and your family safe during this time of concern over the COVID-19 virus. We are currently…

  • Sanitizing door handles, shifter, parking brake handle, steering wheel, and keys of your car before and after service.
  • We will take the temperature of each of our employees every day as they report to work.
  • Employees wear nitrile gloves at all times while servicing your automobiles.
  • Sanitizing all surfaces in our shop that you are likely to come into contact with multiple times per day. Door handles, front counter, bathroom, customer lounge, employees workspaces, etc.
  • You are always welcome to use our after-hours drop off lockboxes to both drop-off and pick up your vehicle even further limiting contact. It’s very easy to do business by phone or text message.
  • For those that are experiencing challenges with children at home and need assistance getting their vehicle to the shop, let us know we are working on a solution to that issue.
  • We are equipped to take credit card payments over the phone to limit person to person contact.
  • Our goal is also to limit shuttle rides when possible. We are disinfecting shuttle after every use, only transporting 1 passenger at a time, and transporting passenger in rear of van to maintain social distancing.

Please take whatever precautions you feel that you need to, but know that we are here for you and wish to help however we can!

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