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3 reasons you still need a road map in your car

3 Reasons You Still Need a Road Map in Your Car

We’re in a cyber age, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Almost everything we do depends on technology…

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ulmer’s women’s car care clinic a big success

5 Great Tips for Holiday Road Trips

The holiday season is upon us, where are you heading this season? In fact, more people are taking to the…

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5 great tips for holiday road trips

Halloween Safety Tips for Ohio Drivers

It’s almost Halloween! Whether you’re gearing up for a fun night of trick-or-treating with your kids, or putting the finishing…

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5 driving tips to teach your kids before they get their license

5 Driving Tips to Teach Your Kids BEFORE They Get Their License

Do you want your children to be responsible drivers one day? Well regardless of how oblivious you think your child…

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5 driving tips to teach your kids before they get their license

10 Things You Didn’t Know Could Harm Your Car’s Paint

Sometimes the dings and scratches your car’s paint gets are unavoidable. But if you want to keep your paint job…

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deadline closing to nominate neighbors in need for our car that gives back program!

Deadline Closing to Nominate Neighbors in Need for Our Car That Gives Back Program!

Have you heard that Ulmer’s Auto Care Center and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are partnering again this…

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10 things you didn’t know could harm your car’s paint

Why does gasoline cost more in the summer?

Have you noticed that gas prices always seem to rise just as the weather is getting nice and warm? It’s…

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8 more crazy amazing facts about automobiles!

8 More Crazy Amazing Facts About Automobiles!

Well it is officially springtime, even though Mother Nature doesn’t seem to think so. Here at Ulmer’s Auto Care Center,…

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5 Car Maintenance Mistakes You’re Making that Are Costing You Money

You’ve heard how important it is to keep up with your car’s maintenance services, but did you know that you’re…

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4 Tips for Safe Holiday Travel in 2013

There is nothing better than celebrating the holidays with family and friends. But, when the season starts to get a…

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